Bistro Merlot

Bistro Merlot is a family-owned restaurant, offering catering services as well as take home meals for the busy families in the neighborhood.

Chef Kyle Seles has been in the restaurant trade for over 20 years. He has worked in several kitchens, mastering various expertise of cooking while attending culinary school. Chef Kyle earned the position as the top ranked chef for a corporate kitchen. Recently, Chef Kyle was an Executive Chef and General Manager with a trendy restaurant in the West Island of Montreal.

Chef Kyle has won several awards including top prize at Greystone’s Culinary Institute of America for Ingredients and Flavor Dynamics. He also won 1st place in a Culinary Competition with a popular concept restaurant.

With his heart and family in mind, Chef Kyle has decided to open the doors to Bistro Merlot..

Bistro Merlot!